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In this section you will find links to information on custody deaths and abuse in the United Kingdom.

The information is broken down by category for easy reference. Items are updated, replaced or deleted periodically.


Police – deaths/abuses in custody:

Headline / SubjectSource / Link
A case to answer on the use of restraintSource: The Bureau of Investigative Journalism
Acting with Impunity: beat goes onSource: TELEPOLIS (URL Link/pdf's)
Armed and Dangerous
The police with their fingers on the trigger
Source: Guardian Archives
Black deaths: still fighting for justice in the UKSource: openDemocracy
Can the police be reformed?Source: Socialist Review
Closed Shop - Are the police unaccountable for their actions?Source: Police Federation
Community Sentencing - Crime and justiceSource:
Court SentencesSource:
Corporate homicide law extended to prisons and police cellsSource: The Guardian
Deaths during or following police contactSource: The IPCC
Deaths in Police CustodySource: The Bureau of Investigative Journalism
'Deaths in custody' corporate manslaughter crime createdSource: BBC News
Feeling passionately about custody deathsSource: 4WardEver Members Voice
IAP publish statistical analysis of all recorded deaths: 2000-2010Source: IAP
IAP publishes the report on its second family listening daySource: IAP
IPCC publishes first part of 'Corruption in the Police Service in England and Wales' ReportSource: The IPCC
If you are anti police brutality does that mean you are anti police?Source: A.D. Largie
Let there be justice for those who have died in police custodySource: The Guardian
New report calls for more effective learning from death in custody inquestsSource: INQUEST
No convictions over 500 black and Asian deaths in custodySource: The Guardian
Police killings and the lawSource: International Socialism
Victims of fatal police shootingsSource: TimesOnline
Why did their loved ones die in custody?Source: The Guardian
Why there will be more deaths in custodySource: New Statesman
When ignorance is never blissSource: The Guardian

Detention – deaths and abuses in prison & psychiatric custody:

Headline / SubjectSource / Link
Choking to death: should we stop sending women to prison?Source: New Statesman
Death in prison custody 2011 publishedSource: IAP
Hundreds die in 'hidden world' of mental hospitalsSource: The Guardian Weekly
Hundreds die yearly in care Source: Morning Star
Independent Inquiry into the death of David BennettSource: The Guardian
Mental health and police custodySource: The IPCC
Why London's YOI is one of the scariest prisons in BritainSource: The Independent
Women shouldn't be forced to seek refuge inside a prisonSource:

General & Legal – issues of interest:

Headline / SubjectSource / Link
Black Deaths in CustodySource: IRR News Network
CCTV revamp bolsters custody suite operation for West Midlands PoliceSource: IFSEC Global
Call for all casualties of conflict to be properly recordedSource: Bureau of Investigative Journalism
Capital Punishment in England in the 18th CenturySource: Local Histories
Capital Punishment 1969: MPs vote to abolish hangingSource: BBC On This Day
Interview with maker Ken Fero
Source: The Multicultural Politic
Justice on TrialSource: The Guardian
MPs defeat Blair over deaths in custodySource: National Nine News
Outsourcing abuseSource: Medical Justice
Police Street Triage national evaluation report (2016)
1st evaluation of schemes in the UK
Source: 4WardEver Library
The Innocence SquadSource: Times Online
The Right to KnowSource: Liberty Guide to Human Rights
Until you fight, change never happensSource: IRR News Network
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