4WardEverUK presents Shop 4a Cause : coming sometime in 2021

Shop 4a Cause promo

provided by: Tippa Naphtali
published: 19 July 2020

We plan to launch our new venture ‘Shop-4a-Cause’ in 2021 in association with the National Mikey Powell Memorial Family Fund (NMPMFF).

Our ‘Shop-4a-Cause’ platform will provide a full eCommerce selling shop system for anyone providing alternative products or services, and who wish to give support to the National Family Fund.

The simple 1to4 Step process:
  1. Sellers would provide details of their goods or services to us for listing
  2. We list the goods or services on our platform
  3. When purchases are made we would then link the seller to the buyer
  4. We transfer the sale price to the seller less an agreed % donation to the NMPMFF
Any goods or services we list must be ethical and willing to donate a % of any sales, other than that (amongst others) they can be;
  • Clothing, footwear, ornamentals
  • Posters, canvass art or ceramics
  • Films, music CDs or other digital items
  • Design or print services
Not only will this be an easy way for our readers and members to find interesting, ethical and grassroots products & services all in one place, but they will also be supporting a national social support fund for families affected by custody deaths.
More updates will follow as the Shop-4a-Cause platform is developed!
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